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We have a big number of TLDs - more than 50, from the most famous generic TLDs (.COM, .NET, etc.) to many a lot of country-specific TLDs (.US, .EU, etc.). And as with the hosting plans, the different TLDs also have different features - with some TLDs you can get ID protection, some TLDs can be registered only for 2 year periods, etc.

As a client, you need to have this information. You can take a look at the comparison table on the right for a complete list of all TLDs and if what is the difference between them.

FREE features packed in our Domain Manager plan:

Multiple Domain Names Management

With the Domain Manager plan, you can easily work with multiple domain names with a single account. A full list of DNS setting is present with each domain. Even if you switch to a hosting service, you will still be able to administer both the domains and the web hosting from the same Control Panel.

Simple WHOIS Management

Each domain must feature a complete and accurate information about it's owner - this is called the WHOIS. With Hosting Webs UK, you can easily change the WHOIS information for one or for multiple domains at the same time, using the same details for each one of the domain names in your account - a big timesaver if you administer multiple domain names.

DNS Records Management

With the Domain Manager plan, you will be able to set and modify a large list of DNS settings - A, AAAA, MX, NS, etc. We offer an intuitive DNS modification system, from where you can add new records for your domain names or revert to the default values.

SSL Certificates

If you want to use your domain for an online store, than an SSL certificated is a must-have - it's a service which will encrypt the connection between the website's visitor and the site itself. With Hosting Webs UK, you can obtain and manage an SSL certificate from the same place you manage your domain names.

ID Protection

If you want to keep your privacy and hide the WHOIS information form the public eye, we have an ID Protection service - it will obfuscate your private information and instead show our ID Protection contacts. This service is eligible only for the following TLDs: .info .biz .co .me .tv .pro .cc .net .com .org

GeoIP DNS Tool

With this simple tool, integrated in our DNS manager, you can quickly redirect your sites visitors to different pages or different websites completely, using their IP address as a base. For example, you can direct the USA traffic to your main page, and visitors coming from Spain to a subdomain -

Simple Scalability

At any moment, you can choose to upgrade from our Domain Manager plan to any one of our other web hosting services. You will not have to change to different Control Panels - you will keep using the same one and you will be able to administer your websites, your domain names and your billing from a single place.

24/7 Support Team

We have a 24/7/365 support team, always available and prepared to assist you with all your questions and problems. We also have a 1-hour response time guarantee, which means that you never have to wait long for an answer - a recent check shows that our average response rate is 15 minutes!

TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years FREE £8.25 £9.76 £14.64 £19.52 £24.41 £29.29 £34.17 £39.05 £43.93
.com FREE £9.76 £19.52 £29.28 £39.04 £48.80 £58.56 £68.32 £78.08 £87.84
.info £9.14 £21.55 £33.96 £46.37 £58.78 £71.19 £83.60 £96.01 £108.42 £120.83
.biz £8.87 £20.82 £32.77 £44.72 £56.67 £68.62 £80.57 £92.52 £104.47 £116.42
.net £9.64 £21.18 £32.72 £44.26 £55.80 £67.34 £78.88 £90.42 £101.96 £113.50
.org £9.10 £21.47 £33.84 £46.21 £58.58 £70.95 £83.32 £95.69 £108.06 £120.43
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years £8.25 £9.76 £14.64 £19.52 £24.41 £29.29 £34.17 £39.05 £43.93 £48.81
.com £9.76 £19.52 £29.28 £39.04 £48.80 £58.56 £68.32 £78.08 £87.84 £97.60
.info £12.41 £24.82 £37.23 £49.64 £62.05 £74.46 £86.87 £99.28 £111.69 £124.10
.biz £11.95 £23.90 £35.85 £47.80 £59.75 £71.70 £83.65 £95.60 £107.55 £119.50
.net £11.54 £23.08 £34.62 £46.16 £57.70 £69.24 £80.78 £92.32 £103.86 £115.40
.org £12.37 £24.74 £37.11 £49.48 £61.85 £74.22 £86.59 £98.96 £111.33 £123.70
TLD Registrar-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period Single registration/transfer no yes yes no 1-10 yrs
.com yes yes(EPP) yes yes 1-10 yrs
.info yes yes(EPP) yes yes 1-10 yrs
.biz yes yes(EPP) yes yes 1-10 yrs
.net yes yes(EPP) yes yes 1-10 yrs
.org yes yes(EPP) yes yes 1-10 yrs