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Microsoft Teams

Enable your teams to work from anywhere

Hosting Webs UK wants to empower employees to stay productive while working from anywhere. Use the helpful resources and solutions below to get started.

Set-up your remote workstation with the right devices

Discover new ways to work together with these device bundles. We’re here to help you select and set-up the right devices for your workstream to help you work faster, confidently, and from anywhere.

Set-up your home office with devices that enhance communication like headsets, cameras, and speaker phones.

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Customer remote support

Our team of experts can support and identify the right devices and set-up for your organization’s workstream. We can help with everything from troubleshooting your specific workspace needs, to deploying devices to fully enable employees to work from anywhere.

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Get Microsoft Teams for your organization today

We’re making Microsoft Teams available for everyone. If your organization doesn’t have a Microsoft Teams license, explore options that best fit your needs:

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Microsoft’s commitment to customers during COVID-19

Online classes and training

Join us to see Teams in-action, get your questions answered, and interact with our live instructors. Designed to get you up and running with Microsoft Teams. Here’s a glimpse of what you can learn:

Running effective meetings to maximize participation and collaboration

Sharing and storing files for centralized and easy access

Managing remote events to enhance audience involvement and disseminate information

Team collaboration including ways to stay connected, so you never miss a beat

Find some great tips and tricks for working remote with our remote work checklist

Get started with personalized partner training today catered to your specific team needs.

Personalized training

Explore available Microsoft Teams free online classes.

Microsoft Teams

Working remote doesn’t have to feel remote with Microsoft Teams.